Paris nightclub gallery upload #1

I said that I’ll slowly be uploading picture galleries of my weekend adventures in the Paris nightclub scene, so I thought to myself, today is as good a day as any to start. I take pictures with my phone and there’s no particular order that they are taken in, so I’ll just tack them on here in the order that I pluck them off of my phone.

Joshua’s Paris nightlife gallery #1

Most of the photos that I’ve been taking on here has been taken on the dance floor, hence the reason why most of them are of people with their hands raised, dancing and just enjoying the setting.

There have also been some outdoor parties that I’ve participated in. They are always fun to take part in, especially when they are something like color parties where there’s paint balls available to participants to have fun with and throw on each other

Now that I started to look at some of the photos that I’ve taken, they don’t seem to be all that good. It turns out it isn’t a good idea to take photos when you’re drinking. Photos won’t turn out all that good if you’re doing that. Let me know what you think, are these any good, should I post more?